Boiling Distillation System

Selling Boiling Distillation System Products from PT Prakasa Langgeng Maju Bersama. Distillation or also known as distillation is a method of separating chemicals based on differences in the speed or volatility of the material. In the distillation process, the mixture of substances is boiled so that it evaporates, and this steam is then cooled back into liquid form. Substances that have a lower boiling point will evaporate first.

This method is included as a chemical transfer unit of mass transfer type. The application of this process is based on the theory that in a solution, each component will evaporate at its boiling point. The ideal model of distillation is based on Raoult's Law and Dalton's Law.

There are 4 types of distillations that will be discussed here, namely simple distillation, fractionation distillation, steam distillation, and vacuum distillation. In addition there are also extractive distillation and homogeneous azeotropic distillation, distillation using ionized salt, pressure-swing distillation, and reactive distillation.

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